Decisions, Decisions.

Let’s just talk for a moment about these little demons, shall we?

I mean, if life is about choices, I might…be screwed.  I think I had a New Year’s resolution in there somewhere about prioritizing… In fact, I should just go look at my resolutions list,  come to think of it…

I feel like this whole summer for me has tested me with choices. Go to gov school or don’t go to gov school? Do homework or don’t do homework? Spend this money or save it? Hang with these people or avoid them? Think about the future or live blindsided in the moment? Just… a couple of the choices I’ve been facing.

I’ll start with the fact that for the first time in (foreverrrrr– thanks, Frozen..) about 17 years I won’t be going to the beach with my family this year. No sun, no waves, no boardwalk… No Thrasher’s fries… ): Thing is… it was my decision.  And it feels crazy, but also right…

I missed a lot while I was at gov school. Two jobs, time to do homework, friends, you name it I missed it.  I even missed gay marriage getting legalized in all 50 states. Soooooo I made an executive decision to stay home and use these two weeks I would be at the beach to make bank for college, and finally get my stubborn nose to the grindstone with these summer assignments.  It’s the first day in of my WOO LETS GO DO IT regimen and I have done barely anything… which is killing my “AHHH LET’S BE PRODUCTIVE” vibe. If any of you guys have tips on how to motivate yourself and be super productive… please share.  I could sure as heck use it.

Love always,
Steph xoxo