a breath rehearsal

we sit

feet on the floor, flat

heart fast, mind fast

the goal, he said
is to manually override
the breakneck speed of the feedback loop
that courses through the brain
wrapping itself around the heart
tagging the stomach
and chasing it back


put your hand on your stomach


on the count of three

like the gently fizzing bubble clusters
in your coveted, glimmery #selfcare bath
adorned with rose petals and rosé
that are immediately discarded
after your Story is posted–

notice your mind

it’s beautiful
and complex detours

if this, then what?
if I had only
if we had only
if he had only
if I had only

tug it back
take its hand
smile and nod
at its beautiful
and complex detours

on a count of three




I have to
I must
I should have

give them a small wave

and let them go
on a count of three

notice your mind

heart slow,
mind slow.


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