so much time.

Across from me

Across new wood, new toppings, new glass

Across from a chic, boho backsplash that has since replaced

the outrageously tacky neon, cotton candy wall

plagued with stickers

of small Anime character children bent over various items of sports equipment and farm animals

Is a reflection of myself

Serving up my very berry and caramel latte

talking with me about back to school through a bit of nervousness

And as I do my absolute best to remember

the name that goes with the face that first saw me

the day after I got home from wandering outside of everything I’ve ever known

I think

I think about how my very shoes stood

where yours are now

Nothing is figured out

They tell you you have to choose

A college, your future

You’re so much cooler than me

than I was at 15

Your hair is short and edgy

and you have one of those earrings that looks like leaves, making it look like part of your ear is metal

You have been lifted from the curse of braces

and you glow

you GLOW!

offering a “welcome!” to everyone who walks through that too-heavy door.

And I want to reach right through that sneeze guard

and give you a hug because I know

You’ll get it

You have so much time.

I hope you never lose your shine.

And as I feel like getting up and maybe reassuring you

A group of high school boys come through the door

awkwardly making themselves known

with lame finger-guns and hat flips

and all I can do is roll my eyes and smile

You’ll get it.

You have