it is finals week.

time to tie up loose ends.

I feel sluggish, crossing a thing and a half off my to-do list per 24 hours.

I miss waking up with a revelation inside me, a revolution before me.

Sometimes it peeks through after 2 cups of half-caff coffee.

Why is this so hard?

In a week all of the pressure will be lifted.

I can look forward to my passport arriving [I swear to GOD if they mess up one more thing…].

I can start packing and cleaning and sleeping and maybe *MAYBE* get better.

I can stop walking to class and having old wounds ripped open intentionally or otherwise.

I can finally do the loads of laundry I’ve been putting off for two forevers.

I can finally read the quality content I have checked out from the library that I low-key don’t want to return until I’ve finished.

I can finally find the time to find the time to try to rest.

You know, important stuff.



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