groundhog day

I met my husband onstage

through a series of nostalgic bops

that, with each bass note,

vibrated my entire being.

closure included a mad dash to the metro

abundant with fangirling and complaining that my feet hurt.

Mass confusion ensued–

which trains were leaving when?

an even bigger confusion–why was the train *still* sitting still after 15 minutes?

Sometimes the universe surprises.

I laughed aloud

Unable to reach the top bar on the train, vertically challenged.

laughter continued with each lurch

suddenly–making me lose my balance

falling backwards onto my friends.

You and your friend sat quietly

observing the spectacle

eyes crinkled and brilliant smile

pointed in my direction

like your long, outstretched legs.

One glance at the floor revealed the most intricate cowboy boots I think I’ve ever seen.

light-hearted banter

best bars in the area

reciprocated all too well.

It couldn’t have been

more than 10 minutes

but in that time

I saw the approach of our final stop.

I wondered:

“Will I regret this?

walking off another face,

a mere blip in another’s existence?

Funny thing-

I felt it come from within:

“of course you will. What is there to lose?”

The lunar eclipse is in full swing

And the wind is bitterly cold

as I fight to keep my keyboard alive

with wit and spontaneity far too long on sabbatical.

I wake up

at an ungodly hour

for coffee that turns into breakfast

frozen hands

a stroll along the wine aisle

as Shakespeare dominates the conversation.

Before departing I stood on steps that made us even.

Something out of a scene of an 80’s movie in New York.

Just even enough.

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