// an attempt at normalcy and big-girl planning

I wanted to space out my “adventures” this week [some are more just “ventures” than “adventures,” I’ll admit, but *shrug*].

I also think it keeps me from being overwhelmed, both in terms of job-related work and mental clarity. This way, I can get my personal assisting hours in, potentially babysitting hours, and then pop in an adventure here and there.

I think I like it that way.

It’s pretty bad to say, but I found that the only time I found myself in the library on my campus was to study for exams [midterm/finals].

Oh, and to blog, strangely enough.

This fall I’ll be fortunate to have a job at the top of this LOVELY modern and SLEEK library that might as well be all windows, on the 5th floor, with a gorgeous view.

But anyways.

Because going to the library is something I mainly only do when I’m at school, I took *another* zen bike ride, this time to the library, to check out some books on graphic design/various Adobe programs so I could prep myself better for the school year.

I got the books, but I ended up making a list of all the things I wanted to do this summer, making goals in my planner, and coming up with this blog series idea.

I fed my mind with possibilities, my spirit with hope, and my body with water because biking after going months without doing it honestly is a bit of a breathless struggle sometimes.


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