// tuesday blues <<< interviews

I woke up excited.

One of the first posts I wrote upon arriving home still lingers in the back of my mind. For me, it marks the lowest point for me in terms of feeling out of place, ill-adjusted, and ultimately homesick. It also lingers in my mind because I realized I had written some of those words out of thinking reactively, instead of proactively.

Let me tell you, it is *very* easy to sit all by your lonesome, scrolling through highlight reels amidst what is perceived to be the unrelenting mess of your room life, doing nothing but examining everything that is wrong under the microscope.

Today changed that.

I knew, when I arrived home from school, that this summer was going to be a working summer. I wanted my own car and I knew that I would have to make that money happen.

So flash forward to today when I got to interview with a local mom regarding the watching of her kids. She referred me to her sister-in-law when I wasn’t looking and so a two-for-one kinda snuck up on me. Sure, it’s a lot of children but it’s also some padding for my bank account.

The biggest thing for me was the feeling of waking up and having some place to be. Knowing that you have a commitment that doesn’t include wallowing on your bed in self pity wondering how in the world you’re going to make finances work for the next year and a half.

We met in a coffee shop, after her little ones had gotten home from school.

She was so chill, her kids were so sweet and cute [one even has this INCREDIBLE pouty/grumpy face and I can already tell it’s going to be hard to rein that in times of trouble].

I rambled about my experience [having a big family did make me qualified!], my hours, my desired payrate I don’t like talking about charging people ahhh it makes me uncomfortable, but I did it yay and would I come over to kind of do a trial-run, to see if the kids hated me or not :< [lol], and would I meet with her sister-in-law later in the week to discuss what her childcare needs were, etc.

And I got coffee.

…which got me GOING for the rest of the day.

[I like feeling productive, if you couldn’t tell.]

I finished the day with old work friends at a bowling alley and, for a few hours, I felt like I was actually sinking into summer.



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