going grey

Sooooooooo I stumbled across something on Facebook today [as I always seem to do] and found an article about phone usageand how much we use our little metal bricks throughout the day… I found it rather interesting. Its author suggests that we can take out some of the gripping, stimulating elements that make us want to pull that sucker out more than 48 times a day by going in and fixing the settings to make the display gray-scale.

In fact, I’m trying to, as you will, go “grey” in bits and pieces of my life right now. As part of my Lenten discipline, I’m trying to disengage from excessive social media and try to be less attached to my phone, in an effort to place emphasis on my relationships here and now, in person, in depth. Rather than being constantly distracted by the artificial color so boldly emblazoned in my palm throughout the day, I want what’s in color–my people, my surroundings, my blessings– to be the focus of my attention, my time, my energy. So I deleted those all-to-tempting “scroll-bait” apps off my phone [Snapchat too! Which I had not done before …go big or go home, right?] So I figured why the heck not?

It was really weird at first– sometimes without thinking I’ll unlock it and be taken aback briefly by what’s before me… other times [especially on the lock screen!] my brain will try SUPER hard to kind of fill in the picture a bit, insert the colors that I was so used to into my head and try to trick me into seeing what isn’t there. Weird, right?

The theory is, that the less interesting something is, the less compelled, the less compulsive, the less addicted we might be to it.

Has anyone else tried this? For colorblind reasons or otherwise?


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