Finally Finals // a play-by-play, day by day [day 1]

We’ve arrived. The most stressful week of the year and the first most prominent act of procrastination: writing this post. Alright so here starts the count down to the end of this week, a basic overview of the hectic-ness that, once recorded, will be a source of relief and amusement, rather than distress and anguish.

7:00 AM – Alarm goes off. Promptly hits snooze.

7:05 AM – Alarm goes off. Promptly hits snooze.

7:07 AM – Alarm goes off. Promptly hits snooze. [Why am I like this?]

7:30 AM – Alarm goes off. Traci yells at me to turn it off. I turn it off.

8:15 AM – I have arisen. The plans to wake up at 7 are but a dusty memory, the intended studying grind has now been pushed back to 8:30.

8:20 AM – Lord, let there be coffee.

11:05 AM – So commences this post. I’ve been at it for a good chunk of time now [the studying that is] in preparation for an oral final for my upper level German course. We’re discussing the rising [and existing] tensions between the Turks and the Germans in politics and media. Whee. My stomach is also telling me that I’m in dire need of food.

2:00 PM – That wasn’t bad at all. My class is only 5 people wide so I had plenty of chances to talk. We also got into some pretty relevant shit about cross-cultural conflict. #deep.

2:30 PM – I have to go to work in 30 minutes. This is not going to be fun.

8:30 PM – Currently rethinking all of my life decisions because I opted to work during finals week?? And the head honcho Subway audit lady came in today and literally stayed all the way until closing and made us all kinds of annoyed and tense???

10:30 PM – Hitting the library to finally sit down and edit this German project.

2:30 AM [next morning] – How… did we get here. I’ve had 3 cups of coffee today and I am alive and well I feel like I could fight a bear. Just finished my project and I’m about to head home. I will stop by the 24/7 Starbucks like a basic bitch and pick up a cake pop because 1) treat yourself? and 2) I haven’t had one in ages and it fits my budget.

3:16 AM – I can’t type too loud else I’ll wake my sleeping den of roomie bears. But holy crap the streets were so empty and it was so cold it felt like a ghost town. Also I dropped my cake pop on the ground but guess what I picked it right back up again because I am a trooper and there was no one around and I really needed that cake pop. Like really. Hopefully I don’t die of some god awful disease.

With that, I’ll close, because my german presentation is tomorrow  later today. Heh.


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