After a myriad of odd dreams and being too cold even under my covers because we have the fricking blinds drawn all the way up on a window to let all of our heat escape, I wake up to this:

It put the biggest smile on my face. Not only is it the first snow (that I’ve witnessed, anyways) of the season but it’s also like, the most stressful time of the year (finals officially start on Monday) so waking up to this was the biggest rush of serenity I think I’ve had in a while. 
Especially after yesterday [when none of my alarms went off and I missed two pretty crucial classes but it turned out kind of okay because in those situations you just salvage what is left to the day and you make it work against all odds.] *exhale* 
And sometimes in doing so, you stumble across some little surprises. In this case, a few more hours of sleep, the realization that none of your professors you need to see have office hours on Friday afternoons, a new place to eat with a view [out the window and across the table from me], and a lovely reminder to for the love of god establish a study routine. 
Looking out the window at everything this morning has an odd way of numbing my fears about finals, easing the pain associated with returning home, and fills me with a realization that no matter how hard things fall apart, nothing is really ever non-salvageable, and, even if it seems that way, just know that you do ultimately come out on the other side changed– stronger, better, more resilient or other things. 
This snow is bringing back memories of snow days in primary school, and therefore making me not want to do anything.
Time to throw back some coffee, get in a workout, and study the butt out of this German material (-:
Happy snow day, friends! 

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