my brakes don’t work

I’ve tried to put on the brakes,
to tell myself that zipping down a hill on 24″ rims
is illogical
is irrational
and slightly dangerous
but I’m not really one to think
extensively before doing
nor am I one to wear a helmet,
I prefer to be of the mindset that falling is for the foolish and that I
am just clever enough to stay on.
try as I might I can’t
shake the smile off my face–
in spite of the dark clouds that loom over
a stark contrast to the leaves stuck in transition
losing their life but finding their color
gradually then all at once
until they, with trust abundant,
hit the ground wherever they fall,
some lingering and some blown only briefly
by bouts of brisk wind.
I’m seduced by the idea of letting go
of the handlebars, and thus
recreating the scene on the front of a boat on a bike, arms outstretched–
wind tearing through my hair
because that’s what it feels like
no matter what the weather
is doing outside my window.
I like it.

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