First days

As of last night I had not slept for at least 12 hours.

It was a blur of unpreparedness, Coke, coffee, minor distractions and an intense desire to get my sedentary summer self off of its ass and into the mindset to prepare for school.

I stayed up packing last minute until about 5:30 in the morning on Saturday night into Sunday, pausing to sleep from 5:30ish to 7:30am, where I emptied the contents of my room into my driveway for my mother [who is a wizard at fitting big things strategically in small spaces] who insisted on packing the car the right way.

A food stop and a filled tank of gas later, we were off. All of my roommates had moved in on Friday so I was seriously eager to get there and be with them, even if I was getting there 2 days late.

I tried to sleep the car ride away, to only some avail. 2 hours time passed and we were there, at the apartments. They’re still kind of tied to the university, so we have RAs and stuff but it’s honestly very apartment-y [except we were provided with some of our furniture!].

Between getting settled and putting stuff away to handing big person paperwork and jumping into vestry duties with on-campus ministry, Sunday practically spent itself.

I don’t think I’ve been happier to hit the mattress in my life [they’re slightly more springy this year, too.]

This morning I woke up early, something I’m still getting used to with the new installment of 8am classes. (-:  How I landed inspiring teachers for the wee morning hours for almost 3 semesters straight I’ll never know. Either way, I like it and I want that to continue. Nothing like getting out of a morning slump with words from Kafka, placed at the top of the syllabus to remind us of our human condition:

“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us.”  
I will be doing a LOT of reading this semester, more than normal, it appears, but I’m glad that these were, essentially, the first notes that hit my make-shift note pad [I may or may not still not have any school supplies yet– a situation that should be remedied by an evening Walmart excursion later].
And then, I had my first major class [both a big thing and a class for my actual major]. The professors are hard asses but I kind of like it because maybe it’ll force me to pick up some actual responsibility this year (-: My first and second class are 15 mins apart so I must acquire some serious hustle this year. I was handed a bag of muffins on my commute, sponsored by another on-campus ministry:
Muffins with a Message. I like it. 
Caught a break with a granola bar and sat down to write, then headed off to my Oceanography 101 class [seriously trying to get out of science this year? ha]. Thankfully I knew someone there so we shall struggle together! [Class perks: an extra credit assignment is a trip to a lake to get water samples (-:] 
Next was an advanced conversation class for my German minor. After I so obviously revealed the fact that I did not practice German over the summer [outside a two week Duolingo practice streak], the class smoothed out. It was only 5 people and we got around in a circle to essentially plan the topics for conversation in the course. Somehow that led to us starting a band for that class and performing during Foreign Language week. Hooooooooooray.

Homework shall commence after a trip to The Walmart, because our pantry is bare and all I’ve had today is coffee and a granola bar.

All in all though, a pretty solid first day.

Tell me about yours!


One thought on “First days

  1. This is great. Getting back to school is great- something I am looking forward to. I have nervous jitters about classes that start in a week. I am glad you are doing well and excited about roomies. I loved that first half about getting no sleep. Relatable.


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