day 12 // leaving my heart in [san francisco] california

What a day. 
Woke up mostly packed to quiche, mimosas, and doughnuts that reminded me a little too much of home [Duck Donuts!]
 After putting everything in the car, we headed on our way out of Santa Rosa to SFO. On the way, we found our flight got delayed twice, so we took a detour at the Golden Gate bridge, this time from the other side, cruising up the mountain vista points at Marin. It was breathtaking, even as the fog was acting up. 
We passed the town of Sausolito– apparently it’s all built on water!!

The place was *packed* with people so it took a bit of time to get down off the mountain. I recall walking around for photogenic spots and hearing about 6 different languages enter my conscious. There was even a French guy filming what looked to be a vlog or informational video, which made me think of the unifying nature these places have– people come to see and awe at the same things humans built. It’s hard not to stand next to someone completely different than you and not feel united in humanity as you both stare, mouths agape, at the stunning arches of the red bridge. 
The traffic also made it easy to hop out of the car quickly in the backup and venture a bit down the side of the mountain for more photos:
I may or may not have climbed down part of the mountain for this shot
I love how the lights and rails leading onto and off of the bridge are red themed! ❤

Through the Robin Williams tunnel ❤
in the CITY 😀

Traffic was terrible but we ended up getting to the airport on time. Our flight was delayed again but it was nice to catch our breath, grab some food and also take up the “we’re so sorry your flight got delayed” snacks United was throwing at us. 

SFO from the air train
Take off at sunset ❤

We boarded around 8:15 and left around 8:30pm– it was already a red eye flight but it was now even redder, arrival back in DC to be around 4:00am. I thought I could stay up and stick it out to try to adjust but there was no way. I couldn’t resist and I fell asleep very easily. 
When we finally landed back in VA, my body was very confused, my heart a little saddened. It was a fantastic trip, a thrilling, unforgettable first taste of something I’ve never known. Here I had come from this magical place with rocks, taffy, wildfire, good company, stunning views back to the more familiar, the more mundane… but I have within me some planted seeds… seeds that are sprouting and itching to grow. 
I want to go back to California. I want to walk the length of the Golden Gate, I want to climb the cliffs at Goat Beach and venture out into Bodega Bay. I’d even be down for more complicated hikes and colder paddle boarding at Lake Tahoe. I’m also itching to get a flight to Ireland to see my pen pal for the first time… this might end up as a New Year’s resolution because trips are ON SALE and I’m like dying inside to just go and see EVARYTHING. 
As Moana sings– there’s no telling how far I’ll go. 😛

Until next time, Cali.

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