day 8 // sunrises and sickness

So the morning started early, around 4:00am when we left to see the sunrise at Emerald Bay National Park.

My upper body was incredibly sore still from over exertion from zip-lining, I some prickly heat under my arms, cramps, and I was pretty sure I had a fever, but the sunrise was stellar:

After the sun was fully risen, we hit up the Keys Cafe for some much needed caffeine and warmth. It was super cute and small inside, and I have to say their White Mocha was pretty delicious. Their menu was pretty clever, too.

After the coffee, we proceeded on a self-guided tour drive around the entirety of Lake Tahoe, which eventually took us shortly into Nevada! I’ve never been to Nevada and I do have a goal to visit all 50 states [though I don’t know if a short pass through counts as a “visit”…lol]

After a couple hours, we returned back to the house to sleep/relax before dinner. I felt feverish, slept, took medicine, slept, showered, and slept some more. It wasn’t until I felt better with medicine that I got in on a card game with J, Jam, J’s mom, and others called “Five Crowns”, a somewhat fast-paced card game with 11 rounds that relies on some skill and a bit of luck. The goal is to have the least amount of points possible.

Later on we played some billiards, had a delicious meal of fajitas, and J, Jam and I went in the hot tub for our tradition of watching Dr. Horrible in a hot tub. My medicine had started to wear off so I was sitting in 102 degree water feeling cold… What a weird sensation, let me tell you. 
Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel better [and we can finally go paddle boarding!].
Until next time, 

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