day 7 // boats and board games

We got off to a slow start this morning, probably because we’d “partied” so hard the night before. [Last night, the rest of our guests showed up so everyone was together and having a great time].
We awoke to awesome fruit smoothies and French toast to fuel us for the day.
Soon after some of us [the house was now loaded at this point, with 16 people] started a game of Catan, which ended up lasting a good 4ish hours. That’s the thing about Catan [Settlers of Catan]– it’s a fun game that mixes some supply and demand with trade deals and trade relationships with everyone trying to casually win. I blame Kyle, one of the guys we were playing with, for his long, complicated, but also entertaining turns [he ended up winning 😆]
With some food breaks in between we finally reached the end and got ready to go out before dinner. As it happens, “out” was to a boat ride on Lake Tahoe in this incredibly quaint riverboat called the “Tahoe Gal”. It had two levels, a nice little bar on the lower level, manned by a nice guy in practically sailor’s attire with dreads who seemed to pass the time juggling lines when e wasn’t mixing drinks. There was seating inside windows and in the open air on the top deck. It felt like a more nautical, smaller, version of a Mississippi River boat. There was even a wheel spinning on the side that you could see from inside the lower level dining area.
The weather and breeze off the water was absolutely brilliant, and J, Jam, and I sat down to enjoy the views, some pictures, and Shirley Temples [lol shout out to being 21 in like 7 more months].
[I may or may not have snagged a couple post cards from a rack to send to my grandmother and Irish pen pal… :P]
We took one lap across the lake and headed back to the docking area, a bit hungry still and wind-blown. We then headed back to the house to chill out until dinner, cooked by J’s mom’s husband, a meal of ribs, ribeye, smoked veggie skewers, corn, and asparagus. I am normally not a big red meat eater but after the entire day, I felt like a carnivore. It was in the evening
 when pain from the zip-lining course set in full fledged– moving my arms is a difficult task and I’m pretty sure I was bitten under my armpits and am having some reaction… :/
We ended the night with some billiard games and sitting down to watch this random show on TLC called “OutDaughtered”, a show about a family who has a daughter plus quintuplets and their day to day stories/struggles. J, Jam, and I determined that the husband was weird. Lol.
Pain aside, it was a great relaxing day and I am all too ready for sleep.
Until next time,

2 thoughts on “day 7 // boats and board games

  1. Hi Meaghan! Thanks for the comment! (:
    I'm not often down to play board games, and, not gonna lie, the first time I played it, it was a forced activity in my econ class. But once I played it with J and a couple friends it became a little more fun, and you can really get revenge often! The directions are confusing but once you start playing it gets better (:
    And yes, omg it was very lovely! I enjoyed it and the views were *everything*. 11/10 would recommend!


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