day 0 // waffle fries & wildfires

I know it hasn’t officially started yet, but I’m on the verge of exploding from excitement so I have to start my cali cruising blog series now. [writer’s block shall be no more! For a couple weeks, anyway…]

Let me back up– tomorrow I get on a plane at 5am and head to the West Coast with J for the first time ever. [Well, maybe I went when I was little but I have no memory of it]. We are scheduled to stay at a family member’s house, and then to stay at an AirBnB right near Yosemite, all over the span of two weeks. I say scheduled. I’ll get to that later. Ha.

I rolled out of bed today feeling sore [I think I’m secretly one of those people who does parkour in their sleep and then wakes up regretting it] and practically packed on and off throughout the day. I’m on of those people who tends to WAYYYY overpack for trips/vacations so I challenged myself to not bring past 12 articles of clothing [excluding sleepwear and underwear lol]. I feel guilty but accomplished at the same time, as I hit 16 articles… but my carry on small bag is a chic small black backpack that holds very little! Honestly, a step up for me.

Anyway. Evening approached and I was whisked away to a Chick fil A and then to J’s place where we’ll stay until we have to wake up at the crack of ass barely even dawn to hop on a plane to head over to the Golden Coast. I got some killer pics of the sky as we were wandering around and helping J’s mom finish up packing.

Approximately 30 minutes ago, I find out that our later place of residence [near Yosemite] is in the middle of a current raging wildfire zone. (-: Though we weren’t scheduled to arrive in that location until Friday, it’s been raging since Sunday and it’s [apparently] only 5% contained.

See the little bit of green right above the letter “o” in the word denoting “Mariposa” on the map? HA that’s where our AirBnB is. (-:

Needless to say, this will be interesting. Please enjoy some nice pictures from J’s mom’s house and please send us some prayers that we/our house doesn’t burn down in the meantime.

I am also debating whether to stay up until we leave the house [3:30am] or to sleep…. 😳

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