making it to the sunset

I remember coming back to college from winter break to an over the top excited roommate, who showed me her newly acquired tattoo in person. On the inside of her wrist, it was a delicate set of lines: a curved arch with lines protruding over a minimalist horizon to resemble a sun rise in its simplest form.

This is her own photo. Please go follow this beautiful human’s instagram HERE

Not only is it a super aesthetically pleasing tattoo, it’s loaded with meaning for her. Based off of this song, it’s just a powerful idea for her, one that stuck with her as she moved through some pretty difficult stuff.. that no matter what is tossed down our alley… we can make it to the next day, the next challenge, the next sunrise.

A couple posts ago I made a vlog that included a time-lapse of the sunrise, and mentioned that starting and ending the day with the sun is such a simple concept but somehow makes the day feel so complete.

Since I’ve been back from the beach, I can’t really lie, I have’t been exactly getting up early [with the intent to watch the sun rise, that is].

…But today was the second time in the past week or so that I’ve watched the sun set [in the same location!] and I can honestly say it’s been absolutely gorgeous both times.

I dragged J along with me this time to experience it with me– not only did I have some lighthearted, quality company along with me, but I also had the benefits of being able to step out from behind the camera for once. (:

There’s something so soothing about something so simple as watching the sun sink into the trees and water along the horizon…

J and I talked about a lot of things… from the wild life around us to the *surprise* 2 week Cali trip we’re leaving for on 5am Tuesday. [I’ve never been to the West Coast so this is super exciting. Additionally, I plan to be keeping a Cali blog diary because 1) vlogging [as much fun as it is] is a bit too labour intensive for me and 2) I want to be recalling the day *after* it happens, and not annoying everyone with me constantly whipping out my camera and talking to it. Plus, ain’t nobody got space for that [I lost my other awesome memory card *tear* a moment of silence pls]. \

I’m also honestly thinking about going dark on social media too, for those two weeks. [SECRET: I’ve scheduled some Scribbles posts because I have a challenge to fulfill XD] But other than that– it’s pure enjoyment. Minimal electronics is the name of the game! Laptop only because I would like to blog still [but even then I wanna write it all down first!]. [I feel like I’m just now starting to get into a regular blogging groove…? hhmmmmmm].

But anyways.

Please enjoy these pictures as much as I do/did taking them, and I love knowing that I can [when I am in the right mind set! Or not, lol] make it to the sunrise… but I also love making it to the sunsets. [:


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