Hi july

[Reading] Yet *ANOTHER* adult knowledge-y book: The Superhuman Mind: Free the Genius in your Brain by Berit Brogaard PhD and Kristian Marlow, MA. I know I am reading a lot of non-fiction, pseudo self-help books lately but honestly these past ones, having to do with human behavior and brain function/human psychology… are just so fascinating and I can’t really help it that much. Anyways– this book is about the capabilities of the human mind, and deals with the idea that some people aren’t just born with amazing mental capabilities– some people train their brains to reach such potentials and some superhuman-like abilities show up after accidents or traumatic events. Also a pretty cool look into ways to increase/unlock the powers of your brain!

[Writing] this post, dammit. 

[Learning] to let it all out– stopping the censoring, stopping the paranoia, just going for it.

[Doing/Working on] things!

  • 100 cards 100 days  [How am I at day 66 already? Wow. Check out the art Instaram if you haven’t already?]
  • Sunday school planning (-:
  • Working at me job
  • Babysitting! Whee! 
  • Packing for CA
  • Biking to places \o/

[Eating] not enough. Honestly, this week has been full of skipped meals and stunted appetites. Hm.
But when I did eat:
-noodles. [macaroni + ramen of the shrimp variety
-moar noodles

[Drinking] water [miraculous!], milk, tea. OH and coffee. UGH I was BUZZING on coffee today… [and now my stomach is highly regretting it! (-: ]

[Listening] *inserts last playlist because less work* LOL but okay for reals:

[Laughing] at this — I literally cannot get enough of this girl. This is probably the thing I remember laughing at hardest this week.

[Thinking] about what to pack, what I need to put on this week’s to-do list, etc.

[Trying] to be patient with my puppy who ONLY SEEMS TO WANT TO LICK every inch of my exposed skin. Like why is this necessary. …??

[Hoping] that the weather stays good for this week because I have a lot of traveling to do and would appreciate, especially after having like 4 days already of rain, nice weather.

[Loving] the WEATHER this evening. I took a bike ride to the local river-side park, did some card-making, did some writing, did some reflecting– there was THE MOST beautiful breeze out, some otters swam by, I watched the sunset, and the fireflies started dancing as I left. Honestly, such a perfect ending to an afternoon.

[Praying] I have the courage/stamina/willpower to commit to goals I’ve set recently.

How’s your July looking so far?


2 thoughts on “Hi july

  1. I'm considering writing a blog of my own after being inspired by yours! I have no idea where to begin though… might just do it for the craic!
    ~ Across the pond x


  2. Hi Across the pond! 😀 <3 <3

    Honestly, it's been such a great experience– I started it as an angsty lass about 4 years ago! 11/10 would recommend! And I can say I'd definitely read it 😀

    Glad you stopped by!!


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