I don’t know how hot it was, I only know that the space below my shorts and between my thighs was disgusting, that I forgot to bring sunscreen, and I wasn’t going to allow myself to spend anything on stuff I didn’t need.

But it was hard, lol. [ehhhhh I should really do a shopping ban update, shouldn’t I? Gonna be real with you, I’ve had a few slip-ups!]

It was the last day of the festival and I went with my best friend roomie. I’m sure there’s certain specific criteria that make people saints, but my roomie is one for a lot of reasons. One of which because she drove from ~45ish mins away to pick me and my bad command of Google maps up and take us to the festival.

I eventually broke down and got lemonade [overpriced, overrated; the first 5 sips were cold and heavenly but the final ones made me realize how sugary it was– I’m all for being addicted to sugar but it was a but much, even for me.] to accompany us as we wandered through the thicket of people and kiosks of food, drinks, and handmade goods. It became too hot to bear, though, so we took refuge in a below-ground parking garage where we decided the next plan of the day.

We ended up heading to one of my favorite town centers and opted to see the new Pirates movie [it was great—cheesy at times, but great– if you’ve seen it, let me know what you thought! …And if you teared up a bit at the ending just like we did…! Sorry trying my hardest not to spoil!] and grab a bite to eat.

Thankfully, the temperature had fallen plenty of degrees downwards to be enjoyable, and we settled down with delicious food [classic grilled cheese, tomato soup, homemade pop-tarts, avacado club sandwiches!!], people-watching entertainment, and good deep conversation.

Afterwards I told her we had to go to the top of this one parking garage because the views were always stellar. It was just a bit after sunset when we reached the top and the view definitely hijacked my heartbeat.

There were high walls and open-spaced areas around the stairwell, and a lack of supervision just welcomed our tendencies to climb all over the concrete for the best photo-ops.

At one moment I was on the side of the wall, looking down onto the street below. I have to say with my recent summer plans I haven’t been in many situations that have made my adrenaline pump to the amount it did that night– knowing that any second I *possibly* could have lost my hold, my footing, and maybe fallen somewhere I didn’t intend to. But at the same time–

Being there, on the edge, completely in-tune with my limbs and my surroundings and a mind focused only on the view and where I fit into it…
It just filled me with a feeling I haven’t had for a while– the feeling of being completely in control, unbothered, and exhilirating-ly free.

I just hope the rest of my summer is filled with more moments like those.

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  1. I really like your writing style! (Especially after reading the 'Behind the Scribbles' page on your other blog – I really love art, even if I'm not much good). Thanks for checking out/following my blog 🙂


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