// sick

my stomach churns
as headlines turn
the heads of those otherwise preoccupied
my heart falls
and sinks to the pit of my stomach
where people and places deteriorate
in a cesspool
absorbed like secondhand smoke
malice flows freely
in one ear
and out the other ear
but also out of the mouth
a disease so airborne
you must wear a mask
those receptive turned skeptical
those skeptical turned defensive
how much poison can one body take
before it stops beating?
there’s nowhere to turn
in a house of watercolor mirrors
images overlapping, blurring
leaking and repeating
trust has fled and taking its place
are uneasiness and fear
when did holding hands become so hard?
when did looking into eachother’s eyes without the lenses
and just knowing
and just being
become taboo?
when were walls thrust forcefully upwards
between idealized and idolized
routine and reality?
they can’t agree on a diagnosis and they never will
you can’t treat what you think doesn’t exist
but a remedy exists yet
for the vulnerable, the starving
the impatient, the dissatisfied
the outcast, the downtrodden
and yet
it is none other than love.


There is so much– sometimes too much– to take in.

Between the news, the stories, the posts, the harsh words thrown around like candy at a parade, and the recollections/accounts of people nearest and dearest to me… it is hard. Hard to believe that I live in a world where such insensitivity exists. But there’s hope in knowing that we can overcome– if we could drop the “kill” and grasp the “with kindness”– just imagine.

Praying for all of those right now who are in need of support and love. Let us just be together.

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