Hey, June

OH my goodness gracious– how is it June already?

I don’t understand it.


[Reading] Another adult knowledge-y book: Terms of Service: Social Media and the Price of Constant Connection by Jacob Silverman. Can’t wait to learn things.

[Writing] not enough. Especially after looking at so many previous posts of mine, I just have this URGE to get back in the game and git ‘er done but ugh my time is being allotted elsewhere at the moment. 

[Learning] that I have changed. A lot. In many good ways, and in some bad ways.

[Doing] too much…

  • 100 cards 100 days [and slightly failing– I need more time in the day!]
  • Volunteering with my old German teacher
  • Quitting my restaurant job (-:
  • Saving up for a trip to CALIFORNIA [moar on that later (;]
  • Writing my Irish penpal 

[Eating] SO MUCH SUGAR it’s terrible. What did I have today?
-a girl scout cookie
-strawberry pie
-chicken nuggets
-ice cream
-a hamburger

…all in that order, I believe. Heh.

[Drinking] not enough water. Again. Though I’m starting to get better about carrying a bottle around and keeping it by my bedside!

[Listening] to some oldies. Honestly, such a walk down memory lane and coming from a concert at my old high school with a theme of “decades” just enhances the feeling:

[Laughing] at things, definitely some things from the past few days. [I’d be more specific but I am honestly blanking at the moment. I just remember that I’ve laughed. It was definitely laughing. Which beats the alternative of crying, right? Heh]

[Thinking] about the DAYS I HAVE LEFT BEFORE I LEAVE MY RESTAURANT JOB like omg [I’m not counting or anything…] and about the ways I can improve my own happiness.

[Hoping] for no more rain, some relaxation, and that I get up on time tomorrow. Woo.

[Loving] music and all of its healing properties. Oh, and water. Water is a godsend, too.

[Praying] I make it through tomorrow and this week.

Let’s get it, June.


2 thoughts on “Hey, June

  1. “When We Were Young” by Adele makes me cry every time. And agh, you're so lucky to live in a place where going to California is easy– I live quite a way's away, and it's expensive to travel that far down south for me. ^.^ I hope your summer goes well! Can't wait to read about all of your adventures.

    Also, sorry for not commenting on your blog frequently– school the last month was my wifi banner the entire time, and while it sucks, that's what life dictates. :/

    xoxo Abigail Lennah


  2. OMG Abigail <3 Thanks for the comment! I hope these last weeks of school for you go well-- I can bet you're excited for summer! Indeed-- that song by Adele sung by around 200 high school voices all standing together on one stage in the concert... just made it that much more powerful [than it already was!]. So many feels.
    AND LOL I dunno how “easy” it is to get to CA for me– A plane trip cross country, I guess? [I'm from VA!] (; But it's my first time ever going there so I'm just super excited!
    Can't wait to catch up on your blog!



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