Life as of Lately: May-O

Hey all! Happy May! Finally home for the summer and kicking it in my non-homework filled life. [to those still in school– YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you!]

Shall we?

[Reading] A childhood favorite [cuz why not?] Half Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer.

[Writing] BLOGS! For the first time in foreverrrrrrr, it feels like. I’m also writing letters and sentiments on the insides of the cards I’m working on 

[Learning] how to hostess. It’s weird just standing at the front of a restaurant when I’m so used to hurry-scurrying all around and behind the scenes. Then again, it’s mind-numbingly easy and I don’t really have to “deal” with those customers… so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[Doing] lots! 

  • For one, picking up shifts as a hostess at my restaurant [the Italian one that I *fortunately* don’t own, lol].
  • 100 cards in 100 days project! [more on that here
  • unpacking stuff into my room still!
  • running in the mornings!

[Eating] …nothing so far. [Is it bad that all I’ve eaten today was a banana? I should fix that…]

[Drinking] not enough water! It’s hard now that I don’t have my Brita out constantly staring me in the face and my roomie constantly chugging water to remind me to drink water. So I need to get on that.

[Listening] to some old and new! As you can tell I’m mildly obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new stuff and John Mayer’s new stuff as well. And then I was just in a Daughtry mood so this happened:

[Laughing] welllllll this made me laugh the hardest I have in a while: appeared in the FB feed and I legit watched it 20 times straight.

[Thinking] about how I’m gonna be trying to get to DC next weekend, about how I need to submit my vacation dates to my various employers [😳], and how much, realistically, I’ve got to make this summer to put a dent in that tuition!

[Hoping] for more gorgeous weather and an easy shift tonight.

[Loving] NOT HAVING HOMEWORK [I’m sorry guys. It’s just reaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly nice like omg]

[Praying] a new daily prayer I’ve adapted! Check it out:

How’s May treating *you* all?


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