Moving On, Getting Over

artsy pic brought to you by the incredible rasdortl

[shoutout to Mayer for those splendid lyrics I feature up there]

It’s here.

I’m done.

I’m out.

Well, almost.

I’m just… currently sitting in a room almost completely devoid of my belongings.

All photos and posters that littered the walls have been boxed, the rainbow lights twinkled in swags along the line where wall meets ceiling have been wound up, twist-tied, and packed away.

1 out of 3 (and soon to be 2!) of my suite-mates has/have left.

The only things that remain are my computer and basic toiletries, along with my very proactively coordinated outfit for the official move out.

Roaming around and about today I saw fridges, rugs, lamps — all thrown to the wayside — and a giant dumpster filled with the expired fruits of freshman year.

My last exam ended hours ago, and though I have been relieved of all responsibility I find myself at the library, a reading bystander to the (sometimes hilarious) campus crawls.*

*Campus crawl: Seniors about to graduate go to all of their most memorable places on campus and take a drink at each one. Here, however, there’s a particular fondness for wearing banana suits while doing the crawl. As someone who has never seen this tradition before, I found a gaggle of guys tramping around the book stacks in bright yellow banana suits and frat boy shorts rather intriguing. 

But summer is here and I’m about to conquer it.

What a strange feeling.

So many hours of stress and sleep deprivation all emptied into one final release.

Though I’m not exactly so sure how long it will last….


Welcome, summer. I’ve been so expecting you.


2 thoughts on “Moving On, Getting Over

  1. ^_^ Awww Olivia
    Thank you for this comment! YES GET HYPED because it's HAPPENING. I hope you've got adventures planned [cuz I would like to read about them over in your space on the web pls and thanks] <3


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