Finals, Finance, and Freakouts

This pic gives me mental clarity ^_^
Hey y’all!

I know, I’ve been a ghost in April. (oddly poetic…?)

First order of business: Finals

This week is winding down and the projects and tests are winding up (much to my chagrin). But I know that this time, next week, I’ll be done and packing up my life to move out of this room and back home, where my family and puppies and summer opportunities await me. (More on those opportunities later.) I really don’t have much to say about finals other than that I have five of them, that I will be continuing to work night shifts during the week of finals, and that I have yet to really start studying. Fun.

Second order of business: Finance. 

I will say that one of my last posts was geared towards this goal I had, which included a Shopping Ban– basically a rule that stated anything unnecessary (that morning latte, that new skirt, that adorable stationary set) was off-purchasing-limits. Thing is, I never really published a list of what was allowed. And I realize that in an undertaking like this, I need to be specific, so as not to blur the lines (as I have in the past week– yes, I have stumbled!). So this is me, trying to get back on track with my life again.

I also got a really great budgeting template off of Cait Flander’s site as well. 10/10, would recommend! 
Now that that is established… 
Last order of business: Freakouts. 
There have been a few– both good and bad. Bad ones are mostly related to people, places, circumstances, money and budgets plus some summer uncertainties. But they’re being written down and checked off one by one, and I can only hope this summer brings some peace.  Good ones are mostly those related to work successes, having landed an internship for the summer in addition to a part time job, exciting vacation news, and the reunification with both old and new friends. OH, and recently winning the Facing Acne Scholarship with my stop-motion animation video! More on this on the Scribbles blog :D. 
…But for now, I’m just trying to get through this last week, trying to force myself to stay focused, with minimal tears and maximum coffee (previous supply because I’m not about to break my shopping ban (;) 
How is April wrapping up for you guys? 

2 thoughts on “Finals, Finance, and Freakouts

  1. congrats on the scholarship! i'm so happy for you…how exciting!
    i can relate with the finances lists.
    i have this weird thing with liking to buy water bottles. even though i already have a million at home. also. now they have this boxed water that just TRENDS at my college.
    so ok.
    i may have bought into it.
    but i'm controlling myself.
    no bottles.

    lovely post!
    it was a joy to read!

    much love,


  2. Dearest Ashley– thank you for the sweet comment! (: I feel you there– except somehow my campus has missed the boxed water memo! Instead its just really ritzy bottles of “VOSS” from like Swedish springs or whatever XD

    Hope you're doing well!


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