Life as of Lately: Welcome, March!


Skipping the apologies because we all know I’ve fallen behind like that moment in Mulan where Mulan is trying to keep up carrying the water buckets on her shoulders and all the guys pass her.

MARCH! Here we are. And never in my life have I been so confused as to what season it is. One day it will be 70 degrees, and then it will snow the next day. Not kidding. I knew living in the mountains for school would warrant some extreme cases of weather, but never did I think I’d be fooled so hard (or my emotions so roughly played with) by a short bout of summer followed immediately by a polar vortex. 
Anyways. I love March because it’s psuedo (or supposed to be)- spring and it means green and birthdays (esp. my own XD) and spring break… It’s just a lovely lineup. 
Shall we?
[Reading] Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter (though I finished it yesterday, just wanted to keep y’all in the loop!) and just starting Nonsense: The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes.

These books are both non-fiction, with Drunk Tank Pink exploring the shade of pink’s (known as “drunk tank pink) unconscious effects on human behavior. This book also highlights a ton of other unexpected factors within ourselves and our environment that affect us, and it was interesting to look into how subtly things like the weather, floor of a building, color of a room, or view (or lack thereof) of nature has on a person’s ideas, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

The book Nonsense is about how humans deal with ambiguity and the benefits of harnessing it (or not!) to our advantage. It’s a neat look into how capable the human mind is and how we can tweak subtle things in our environment to better equip us to handle the unknown.

10/10 would recommend both of these books if you’re just interested in how humans function or are looking to better any of these aspects of thinking for yourself!

[Writing] Letters! To both my friend in Ireland and my grandmother. Trying to also round up addresses because March is a big birthday month and I want to send people letters because I love stationary and envelopes and the satisfaction of stamping something and physically putting it in the mail!

[Learning] more coding! Trying to get through courses on when I have the time because it is fun, and I want to be able to get to the point where I can put my own personal tweaks on my blog layout! (Also because learning CSS is hella cool and I can’t wait to use it XD)

[Doing] …not much of anything structured right now, because it’s spring break and I’m home for a week! But in the past week or so, I’d say I’ve done some crafting here and there (;  Esp. when it comes to birthday cards! Check it out:

For my suitemate!
For my grandmother– ignore the pencil lines and my sad attempt at good calligraphy–
(something I’d like to learn better!)

I’m also on the road to doing more hands-on work for my personal assistant job, trying to scout out on-campus job possibilities for next year, designing weekly email templates for my campus ministry, and petting my puppies voraciously.

[Eating] a clementine! I know a lot of people can’t stand the citrus smell *coughJ* but I kinda love it. Also gotta get that citrus in because everyone around me seems to be dying of sickness.

[Drinking] water and milk! In my kinesiology class, we’re supposed to track our food intake for about two weeks and while I’m already out of the soda-drinking habit, I’d like to minimize coffee intake so writing it down will probably discourage me from drinking it. Sooooo water and milk it is!

[Listening] to a lot of music. Some throwback, some not. But good music nonetheless!

[Laughing] at how much my puppy reminds me of my first dog– and how my first dog once, after being told to “get the mouse!” (there was no mouse), emerged from our office area carrying a felt mouse toy in her mouth XD

[Thinking] about how slow the national government is with paperwork. Like UGH can you PLEASE not take forever on something that impacts my college financial future.

[Hoping] for the 50-60 degree weather the app on my phone keeps promising me, so I can go running again (!)

[Loving] the temporary getaway from campus. Sometimes you just have to get out, you know?

[Praying] for my god sister, no political dinner conversations while home, relaxation, and determination to get stuff done.

How’s your March so far?


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