Life as of Lately: 2.11.17


It has been a looooong while. Partially because I haven’t really been on social media for reasons outside of work. I’m trying not to get so absorbed in it all.

[Reading] The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs! I’m *still* somewhat obsessing over Hamilton so this book jumped out at me on the shelves. I’m halfway through it (and would be further along if it weren’t for stupid HW assignments…. :P).

[Writing] Nothing important yet.

[Learning] how to code! Starting with HTML and CSS and oh boy I cannot wait to start doing more projects 😀 I got this book off Amazon and it’s super sleek and awesome when it comes to
explanations so I love it 😀

Also learning the peace that comes with not having to check social media every 5 mins or whenever I’m bored. I’ve done so much rolling around in the green, breezy reality that is this weather lately and I love it. 

[Doing] not homework LOL things like coding and designing shtuffs and reading books and playing on my PIANO that I brought from HOME just recently :D.

[Eating] cottage cheese, spinach, chickpeas, peas, brownies, tacos, and pizza. Oh, and icecream. So. Much. Frigging ice cream. >.<

[Drinking] milk and water. And coffee. (Hello, my old friend)

[Listening] to so many thinnnnngggggs ugh. I also need to find new music because otherwise I’ll listen to John Mayer and Hamilton all my life and I will not escape (which isn’t….necessarily a bad thing…).

[Laughing] at how unorganized my books are. I need to clean my life up a bit.

[Thinking] about how I want to choose my majors. But I don’t know if I want to commit just yet… Thinking about doubling up with German and Mediated Art & Design stuff with the cherry on top as teacher licensure.

[Hoping] this eerie global warming weather keeps up. Warm weather just puts me in my *element*. 💜

[Loving] this CRAZY 79 degree weather we had today. I don’t get it. It literally snowed one day, and then the next day it was in the upper 60’s. Global warming totally isn’t a thing. Obviously.

[Praying] for my god sister and her family.  She just lost her dad a week ago and it was totally unexpected and out of the blue.

I also, as always, continue to pray for this world.

What’s new in Februrary for you guys?


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