A Second First Day (Frozen Tundra Edition)

I was nowhere near as prepared for today as I was 4 months ago.

I still have notebooks, textbooks, book codes, a sense of urgency and goggles to buy.

But even with all of my ill preparations, today was fun! I only had 3 classes and, for once, I get to sleep in a little even though my body decided to be evil and wake up at 7:30 to pee  before my first class at 10am.

I started the day with a German class, filled with a whopping five people, four of whom I already know. Class was followed with the first (and hopefully the last for a while) Starbucks drink of the year. Pretty chill morning. (Literally, because it was 12 degrees outside.)

Not sure how I’m gonna feel about my required athletic activity of choice (which happens to be swimming–my second class, which is 1/3 classroom time and 2/3 of actual swimming) in this frigging freezing weather, which requires leaving a building with semi-wet hair… but oh well.

Finished off the day with a media literacy class, which is taught by 4 professors cuz the class is so huge (we split off into discussion groups with a professor for 1/2 the time we meet, so it’s not a constant mob of people). But the class deals with media and how it is, whether we like it or not, integrated in ALL of our lives. And as someone who sometimes struggles with endless scrolling, narcissistic posts/photos, and skim-reading, I’m really hoping I can go behind the scenes in this class and learn to better analyse what’s being scrolled through in front of my face, in addition to better make sense of what is being presented and how/why it’s being presented (skewed perspective, pure profit motivation, etc.). So I’m excited 😀

A general theme that I’ve learned today, however, is that the professors I have so far seem to be SUPER anal about attendance. This isn’t a problem, I almost always go to class– but being on time  is my issue. Of the many things I struggle with, getting places on time is hard sometimes. And especially in this freezing weather, I can tell… it’s going to be an all-Stephanie-hands on deck to pull my life together and set early alarms and get places at least 5 mins early.

I’m excited for tomorrow though because I’ve been wait-listed for this education class (for teacher majors) and I’m gonna haul my ass out of bed at 7:30 to make it there by 8am to audit the class and see if I can’t scoot my name up on the wait-list by meeting with the prof after class, explaining my position, and giving them a face with a name. Worth a shot, right?

On top of all that, I’m doing my best to keep tabs on those goals/resolutions for this year (which include actual non-trash food, diligence in my new job, and exercise! LOL).

And I’m thinking about making a mood/vision board with helpful text/pictures that’s visible the moment I wake up…..

That being said, I should sleep.

For those of you who are still enjoying a restful break– how’s it going?

For those of you like me who are rising and grinding as of today (or earlier)– what are you most excited for this semester?

And another random question… do y’all have any inspiring bible verses or quotes that you have taken to heart/written down/would love to pass along?

Much 💚 always,


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