Life as of Lately: Alright, Round 2.

Annnnnnnd it’s almost that point in time where the flag is called on the play, my vacation is over, and I’ve got to turn my attention to getting books, doing work (of many a type), and not sleeping  trying to sleep. And in all this hustle and bustle, stuff is HAPPENING.

[Reading] Nothing yet! Though I’m thinking of finding someone’s “best reads of 2016” and starting there (:  
[Writing] HA nothing besides this blog post. Gonna try to do more physical writing this year, actually.

[Learning] That there needs to be a balance between hard work, people, and play. Everyday.

[Doing] work (finally!) for my virtual job! It mane data entry but it’s new and a fab company so I’m pumped 😀 If only my little laptop would keep chugging…. it has temporarily died lately…
[Eating] bananas, pizza, Italian cookies and other things I should not be eating to start this year off healthily. The second I’m on campus, (which is a wimpy excuse m) (which should be in about an hour) I will change my ways. 🤣
[Drinking] lemonade. Not enough milk. Water. Raspberry infused ginger-als. (Gonna miss that place tbh). 
(Jk, we good now…)
But here is a list of songs that have made it into my inner circle recently! (I’ll try to limit the john Mayer :P) BUT ED SHEERAN’S new stuff is considerably lovely)

[Laughing] about a video about laughter. Watch it and you will laugh. Can almost guarantee. Link here

[Thinking] about how I need to buy books still. About how my work schedule is gonna happen, about how I’m gonna miss everyone I got to see (some albeit briefly) over break. 
[Hoping] that we can make it there with no mishaps… Thisbe wind is honestly howling so hard at my car right now (don’t worry, I’m not blogging and driving — don’t blog and drive, children). 
[Loving] the brief glimpse of snow I got the past couple of days. WE FINALLY GOT SOME and there is seldom an awesome sight than newly fallen snow 😌
[Praying] for everyone as we officially dig our nails into 201$!!

What are y’all up to?


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