Everyone has that song.

The second it comes on, your ears perk up, your heart speeds up, and you do that thing that happens in movies when a character’s memory comes flooding back all at once in one giant whoosh. 

I have this with a lot of songs, but just recently I heard a cover of “Closer” by the Chainsmokers ft. Halsey, and I am flung back in time to late October.


The darkness envelopes us rhythmically, switching without warning to flood us in flashing lights. Cheers erupt from the sticky floor as the song starts and beat thickens and I am dumbstruck because the melody has invaded my heart and head and makes me want to remember everything.
I embrace the lyrics as the vice like grip of my best friend on my hand tries not to lose me as we crusading our way across the room.

Gravity plays tricks on me, but I let it.

We’re pulsing.

We’re invincible.

We avoid eyes and eyes avoid us, there’s no focus in particular.
There’s no trouble.

My feet are numb from the pain of my heels, I have a bruise the size of an egg on my right hip, but an illegaline-adrenaline-caffeine isotope courses through and makes me buzz and it’s like the night isn’t going end

but it does

and all at once I’m doing a 180 in my sheets
heavy as a rocks my eyelids do this landslide thing
as the melody echoes and embeds itself
in the silver linings of my memory


Do you guys have any songs that take you on a journey?


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