Life as of Lately: Hoooooome for the Holidays :D

And, at an alarming rate, we’ve arrived at the later end of December. Not once in my life have I felt consciously time move this fast. But it’s a sweet relief– a week and a half of high-pressure, non-stop, go-go-go with work and school has finally come to a halt for the holidays.

That’s one thing I love about college, btw– its that between semesters, you don’t have to do ANY WORK. (At least, in my case– none of my professors for the next semester have particularly told us to do anything yet).  But let me tell you it is HELLA LIBERATING.

The only work I’ll be doing over break is waitressing and starting with my new online job. And I’m so unbelievably excited.

In terms of right now, I’m home again. And it doesn’t feel as weird or as depressing as the first time I came back home early October.

…Even though I was told that my dogs had escaped our backyard and ran across a major road TWICE (once to escape, once to come back) and a bunch of other random depressing shit has happened.

After a thorough cleaning of my room (I know it’s not technically mine anymore, but I sleep there when I return home and it always seems to be a pig sty when I get back…) I sat down and realized I left my phone charger in J’s mom’s car…which doesn’t help my presently dead phone any. I found mind-numbing work in the assessment of my brother’s malfunctioning Game Cube, and I dug out a ton of our old plug-‘n’-play games (Ms. PacMan, Super Pac Man, Wheel of Fortune, Star Wars, a Sega mix and other gems) whose wires were helplessly mangled into a giant, black rubber mess. But I sat there and untangled them one by one, as Boo looked on and tested out each one that I was able to wrestle free.

Sleeping in my own bed again will be amazing (SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE), and having access to a microwave without having to go into the cold has been lovely. I got to see my puppies for the first time in fiveever so that was emotionally satisfying!

Hopefully, since I’ve got, in theory, loads of free time, I can:
blog a bit more
catch up on everyone else’s blog
get lost in snow (???? COME ON FREEZING TEMPS I am counting on you)
make headway on some personal projects and crafts
read a book or *hope to goodness* books

…basically all those things that I’ve been sweeping under the rug recently.

I can’t wait to just jump into the holiday season, write my “Looking Back” post, catch up with friends, and just zone out in sweatpants for a couple of days at a time.

What an intro– here we go!

[Reading] Blogs, mostly. Hopefully I can find myself a good book to read this break. 
[Writing] Here! And inside Christmas cards (my friend in Ireland received the Christmas card I sent a week or so ago just a few days ago!!!). Also trying to put my thoughts on paper for this Christmas/Looking back post/journal thingies. …Not writing any Odyssey articles because I’m subtly getting tired of it…
[Learning] NOTHING! Get it, cuz I’m done with school? LOL (jk, I’m honestly learning more than ever– about the people around me, how they’ve changed, how I used to be good at waitressing but it’s been a while, how people can be so morally flimsy, how some people are punished unjustly for all the wrong reasons, how to say “no”, etc.)

[Doing] THINGS. Work at the local Italian joint has me pretty busy, but in the mean-time, in-between times, I’m wrapping things and blogging and trying to get stuff done for the upcoming semester. Throw in trying to process the family by osmosis and random spots of volunteering and it’s…quite the busy schedule.
[Eating] Pizza. Lots of it.  Mostly from work. Oh, and cookies. Because I came home to my mom’s rampant collection of holiday treats from various holiday parties that have been happening.
[Drinking] (not enough) Water, ginger ale, restaurant coffee.
[Seeing] Familiar sights and faces, but also these things (which I’ve departed from in the past week and a half)

this… is a depiction of a story for another time.
Alan Rickman 😊/😭 in Sense and Sensibility (literally watched this long beautiful movie to pass the time in the before leaving to come home)
Just a fraction of my roomie’s surprise taco fiesta birthday party. Pinata creds = me 
NEWEST STAR WARS POSTER ADDITION 😀 (brought to you by a white elephant gift exchange at my home church!!!)

Saw this. Last night. It was purty bomb. 

Literally not gonna include a playlist for this edition 1) because half of what I am listening to is Christmas music they play non-stop on the radio and 2) the rest of it consists of John Mayer. Honestly can’t get out of this musical rut… (but if you’re still curious, what’s on AT THIS EXACT MOMENT….is “Wildfire” from Mayer’s Paradise Valley album. Takes me back to summer concerts….

[Laughing] at how broke I am before the laughter slowly dissolves into tears…

[Thinking] too much, too little, about the wrong things, about the right things. I’m all over the place. 😅
[Hoping] that I do not freeze inside my own house, that I can get my “shopping” done before Christmas arrives, and that I can survive any and all feelings of cabin fever for the coming week…. 

[Loving] my waitressing skills that finally decided to show up in full today, outside opinions, good life advice, my best friends, my family (though at times.. a little nerve-wracking), my new hat that my bff got me 😀

[Praying]. About everything. For everyone. 

How are you all prepping for the holidays?


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