Life as of Lately: Final Shazams

[Reading] Piles of notes, textbooks, and study guides. Oh, and articles and blogs because I get distracted sometimes.
[Writing] Extra credit essays, letters, and Christmas cards!

[Learning] The importance of flashcards and repetition, critical for memorizing the painters, titles, years, and locations of over 100+ paintings for my art history class final 😌

[Doing] Trying to get my running schedule back together so that over break I will have motivation (even though it will be hella cold).
[Eating] Lots of tacos and crepes, spinach, yogurt, and cottage cheese recently! 

A leftover caramel macchiato that kept me awake for way too long last night. I should be drinking water. 


[Listening] Here’s what’s been playing in my ears non-stop the past two weeks or so. **CAUTION: Copious amounts of John Mayer… when I listen to him I’m thrown back in time to places of happiness and I love it. ****

[Laughing] at a comedian who visited our school named

[Thinking] about the coming week, finals, the upcoming month or so of winter break… how thankful I am for where I am and who I have around me.
[Hoping] that I don’t fail anything, that I don’t become too distracted this week and next, that I can figure out plans for winter break and solidify a work schedule, and that I don’t bomb my upcoming phone interview (surprise, I have one of those!!)

[Loving] John Mayer, crepes, the fact that my phone dies unexpectedly (not sarcastic, I promise), this arctic blast that’s about to happen but feels like it’s started already….
[Praying] That everyone can make it through these next days without losing their minds, that I can try to immerse myself in a world not behind a screen, that I’ll be able to figure out what I’ll be doing with  my life for a month.

How are y’all holding up?

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