Coming Home, 2.0

If you recall, a month or so ago I wrote a post about coming home and how the switch from college to back home was like jumping into an ice bath– shocking and shudder-worthy.

But here’s round two. And it’s pleasantly different. 
I think I can say that, since I’ve settled into my life and routine on campus, my sharp aversions to being home have dulled, and my hungry desire to get away has dampened. I think it also helps that it’s Thanksgiving break, and this will soon become about bonding over food with friends and family. The reality is, there are things that I’m thankful for, and that I’ve missed while away from school.
Like home cooked meals. I’m so fortunate to go to a college ranked seventh in the nation in terms of university food quality, but sometimes the every-day dining hall shuffle and having to go to the only place that’s open late is not so fun sometimes.
And my puppies. As I type, the littlest one is getting his fur buzzed, because he looked like a scraggly hobo when I first saw him on my arrival Friday. But they’re both fuzzy bundles of joy that I have missed dearly and have thoroughly pet and spoiled since I’ve been home.
And a soft bed. I did not realize how “hard” my dorm mattress was until I sank into the mattress on the bed in my old room, which my sisters have taken over. I was exhausted and it was like sinking into a heaven cloud. 
And free laundry. PRAISE THE LORD for household washing machines that don’t need quarters or card swipes. (I’m sorry, when each wash and dry cycle is an official highway robbery transaction of $1.75, I am less motivated to do laundry at school and more inclined to let it pile up to the point where I actually have nothing left to wear. So when my mother told me to bring home all of my dirty laundry, I heard the hallelujah chorus.
And favorite restaurants/stores close by! That special Italian place across the way from me, a grocery store within reach, and a killer mall are all closer than they are when I’m away.  It’s lovely.

And friends. The time (albeit short) I’ve gotten to spend with friends has been so lovely and refreshing. Sadly, I’ll be gone for most of Thanksgiving but I will thoroughly enjoy the last day of break with the nearest and dearest to the fullest extent.
And of course, family. A day on campus is spent in and out of a temporary living space, in and out of a classroom with an adult that, for the most part, is still rather distanced from you… So to come home to a host of siblings and parents who care about you is really comforting.
To all my friends on break right now, I hope you enjoy every minute of it with the people you love, and tell me about your plans/adventures in the comments!
Much love,

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