Life As of Lately: Wrapping Up for Thanksgiving

[Reading] Heaps upon heaps of Facebook posts.  After November 8th, people and their rants are coming out of the woodworks (mine included–though I didn’t blast it on Facebook). But much to my dismay, I’m enjoying reading them.  If for no other reason than I can see people’s true feelings, read the responses/comments, decide for myself, and stimulate actual, logical, productive, constructive conversation.  I’m also trying to read this one book, but I don’t have it with me currently, and I just got it and I don’t remember the name on the cover. :/
[Writing] Here. And for my Art History class (I’ve got an essay due in two days and I haven’t started yet 😌). And also for the Odyssey! Links below! 😜

[Learning] More and more every day that people are complex. And that the idea of intellectual freedom is so. Damn. Important. And that kindness is crucial to our survival. Every person is their own being, carefully crafted by ideas and experiences and circumstances surrounding them…When we forget that, it gets dangerous.  Respect trumps intolerance.  Love conquers hate.  Kindness bridges chasms.
[Doing] Homework.  Lots of it. Namely that essay I mentioned earlier… But I’m also trying to pre-pack for Thanksgiving break.  I’m excited to see my family again, but I want the trip back to be smooth and hassle free, so I’m not burned out by the time I get there…

[Eating] A crepe! Or will be, anyways… I was sitting here waiting for the crepe place to open and now they are and I am excited. (To finish this post and then crepe, or crepe then finish this post? That is the question….😕)

*let the basic white girl squeals begin* …A caramel macchiato. Guys it is cold outside and I am slightly addicted to caramel flavored things.  Need I say more.
[Seeing] The line at the crepe place grow longer *panics*, the leaves escaping the limbs of the trees at a faster pace, the stereotypical fall/winter sky set in…. the divide amongst people on campus (oh how I wish I could heal it), J two days ago on his campus, sunsets and moons like the ones below (,: SPEAKING OF MOONS there’s supposed to be a SUPER MOON TONIGHT go see it!!! (Hopefully pics to come!!)

[Listening] GUYS check out my vibes from the past couple weeks: Fall Jamz 2.0
[Laughing] at how cold it got.  And at the fact that I left all of my cozy sweaters at home.  Remind me, when I’m taking back my shorts and t-shirts, to exchange them for all the sweaters I own. Because finals week is going to freeze my ass off.

[Thinking] about Thanksgiving.  If you remember my post about going home, you can get an idea as to why I’m slightly worried… Not only will I be home in old, strangely unfamiliar-familiar settings, but I’ll be surrounded by political turmoil.  I can feel it.  On the plus side, I won’t be at my actual house for long– we’re spending most of Thanksgiving with my grandmother.  Which is a blessing. 
[Hoping] that I can be productive this week, be productive over break, and have a mental turnaround.  New mindsets are important now more than ever… Sometimes I wish I could just do a hard restart on my brain, kick old habits, opinions, feelings, memories to the curb and start over… but alas, we’re shaped by all of those things, and it takes effort to overcome sometimes. Guess I gotta work harder. 

[Loving] my roomies. And my family And my spot in life right now.  Even though the past week and a half have been insane, it has really brought to my attention what is important.  And I plan to zoom in on those things. Also loving the fact that my dad has a new job (only 5 weeks of unemployment this time! I swear, hope sneaks in when you least expect it.) I’m so thankful.
[Praying] for everyone.  Red or blue, black or white, male or female. It’s a surefire way to start some healing.

How are y’all holding up?


One thought on “Life As of Lately: Wrapping Up for Thanksgiving

  1. Great post, I love to read about your everyday life or better about what you're up to! I'm in a very stressy and busy time too, at the moment. November sucks at school things! At leat I'm looking forward to my birthday weekend at the moment 🙂
    check out my newest posts:
    Stefanie ❤ ❤


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