Well Damn, November

I just recently read a post on one of my fellow blogger’s blogs regarding rambling, and it honestly inspired me to do some not at all because I’m lazy and do not wish to put any effort or thought or organization into this post or anything crazy like that.


Here we are, November 1st, The first month of the last two in the year.  7 days away from a presidential outcome. The official start of Christmas commercials on the radio.  And still I wonder sometimes how I got here.

Halloween lasted a good five days.  Let’s be real– it wasn’t Halloween, it was Halloweekend…and man, was it crazy.  I lost count of the bodies and the parties and the girls dressed as sexualized rodents (though I can’t really say anything cuz I threw together the most basic girl costume ever: a black cat).  It was fun. For the most part. At least I got to see my best friend again.

I STILL HAVE YET TO BE EMPLOYED BY THE COMPANY I SWITCHED OVER TO LIKE, THREE WEEKS AGO. ),: Maybe I should have stayed working at the dining hall… **(UPDATE: Since this post has apparently been in progress for 2 days now… I just got an email with my schedule for the new job so FINALLY that’s rolling onwards. Amen.)

I need to reign in my spending. And get over my coffee withdrawal.

I also need to hide my candy where I can’t see it, because I counted today and I went through like, 15 pieces of candy and had to pick up all the candy wrappers off of my desk.

I want to get into a  normal workout routine again.  I was doing so well this past week before Halloweekend took over.  Hopefully I’ll get back on the grind.

Met with my academic advisor today. talked about classes and what I want to do with my future. What a scary meeting…but it was weird and nice to have basically my future in my hands…. It’s hard to believe how fast the semester has flown and I honestly don’t know what I’m gonna do about making a whole new schedule for next semester. …But at the same time, I practically chose a major.  The only reason I’m holding off is because my German professor requires cultural events points (go to a cultural event for some points that count towards the course) and if you’re a German major, you need like, 5 points…. If you’re a minor, you need 4 points.  If you’re not in the major, you just need 3.  Well she plans the cultural events on NIGHTS THAT I HAVE ANOTHER CLASS (I know she didn’t/doesn’t do this intentionally).  But I only have 1/4 of a point so far, so getting the other points is gonna be a struggle.  But it was exciting sitting there thinking about majoring in the language and then being able to psuedo pick the education-focused courses that would enable me to get licensed.

I have an exam in my physics class tomorrow…. ^_^ the studying shall commence tonight, go into wee hours of morning, and then continue up until 2pm tomorrow.  Should be fun.

I am currently typing up my feelings in our suite’s common room, where through cracked windows I can hear the antics of the boys above us as they scream at the football on TV… I swear, sometimes I think they just move furniture in the middle of the night, in addition to non-stop partying… there’s literally so much noise every. Single. Night.

But anyways.

Woot.  It’s November.  This means break soon! And HOME COOKED FOOD and cramming and pumpkin pie and just…. crazy weather.

Take me someplace, November.


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