Life as of Lately: Week ???

Happy fall, y’all!!

Jeez, it’s been entirely way too long.  I’m slowly starting to understand/realize how fast time goes, and that even though I think I have a tonne of it, it’s gone way before I anticipate it to be.  It also makes me realize how QUICKLY things can change.
Let’s do it!
[Reading]  A book called Biological Rhythms, Sleep, and Hypnosis by Simon Green.  Sounds weird, I know, but I have to give a speech in my communications class about any topic, and my first week here, we went to a hypnotist show and my orientation guide guy got hypnotized onstage, so I figured I’d research it deeper and then give my informative speech on the cool features of hypnosis. It’s a great little compact book, written like the “For Dummies” series, very relevant and easy to understand.  I highly recommend it, whether you’re interested in the topic or you’re just looking for something cool to read (:
…And more articles as well! Just gonna link up the more recent ones I’ve put out! (I’m also both jumping for joy and dying inside at my deadline for article submissions, which instead of on midnight on Sunday, has been changed to 6pm >.< ( no more procrastination for Stephanie).
[Learning] That I need to get OUT of my dorm to study.  Being too comfy with so many distractions surrounding me has not had the best effect on some things, so I’m heading out to the library or our building’s sketchy study basement much more often.

[Doing] NEW THINGS 😀 Like rock climbing, trying to get back into a running groove, exploring campus, live streaming! Also just on a side note I’m going with my youth group to a corn maize (heh get it) this Saturday. And I’m also trying to switch my current job position from general dining hall to the cafe down at the university recreation center.  They didn’t need me to fill a spot in the dining hall last night for my shift, but another girl called out at the URec cafe, so I was sent over there… and though I was thrown into things suddenly and I barely had an idea of what I was doing, I fell right into place, and clicked with everyone there, and made the decision to leave the dining hall for this tight-knit version of a Robeks/Tropical Smoothie Cafe/Smoothie King-Chipotle hybrid place.  I am. So excited.
Oh, and homework.  I’m doing lots of homework.

[Eating] LOTS OF CANDY.  Somehow my suitemates ended up with like, an endless supply of Snickers bars, and boy are they dangerous.  I’m also eating waffles, tacos, pineapple, and spinach every chance I get. 

Milk (as always) and coffee (because what else can ya do about only 5 hours of sleep the night before?)  But I’m also trying to drink a lot more water, gonna try to lay off the caffeine for a bit, because this week has been like, GO GO GO and I need to stop and make it be a little more like slow, slow, slow.  

[Seeing] My fave parts of the fall season show up (,:

[Listening] To ALL OF THIS.  (“Fall Jamz” Playlist)
[Laughing] About how my Art History Professor basically gave us the study guide as the midterm. Hopefully I passed, then.

[Thinking] about what I want to do with my life, how it isn’t always as bad as it seems, and how friendship is SO DARN IMPORTANT.
[Hoping] That I can transfer jobs as quickly and smoothly as possible, that I can set aside time to organize my life and my schedule for next semester, and that I can sleep later this afternoon XD

[Loving] this weather.  My suitemates.  My newfound love for rockclimbing. The new orange lights we got for our common room.  My college.  God.  MY NEW COMPUTER/TABLET HYBRID THAT I GOT FOR A STEAL!!
[Praying] that my dad can find another job, that I can invest myself fully and deeply in these blooming friendships and older ones, that one of my friends newly shipped to Sacremento for AmeriCorps can serve others safely,  that all of the fear and frustration and prejudice can somehow melt away to common sense before November rolls around…

How are y’all holding up?


2 thoughts on “Life as of Lately: Week ???

  1. IF I HAD YOU! Have not heard that song in forever. MAN GOOD MEMORIES. HEY and fast car!

    Sounds like everything is going well. how did you do on the midterm? Oddly enough none of my classes but painting had an official midterm! HA I can't study at home as well… I want to study at a coffee shop but I never have time or motivation to get out UGH I just ate a walnut see's candy was great but now I feel like i should not have had that. HAHA

    Glad to see you are blogging. Keep it up so our blogs can grow old together.


    IKR good songs take me BACK.
    As for the MIDTERM. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH I got a 102%. good times!

    Pssh, EAT that walnut see's candy. You go.
    It feels good to be back on the bloggowebs. (: That's the dream (;


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