I feel super spiritually lifted right now.

Went to a cute little coffee shop downtown called “Shenandoah Joe” and it was so yummy.  I’ll definitely be back (: 

…Part of it could be the caffeine from the caramel macchiato [oof, I’m so white] I just consumed… but I think most of it is from the fact that, after a coffee date with a newfound friend here on campus, I’ve realized how far I’ve come in terms of being around new people the past three weeks.

Some people don’t know that I am, on the occasion, quite the introvert.  I like order, I like things where they’re supposed to be, and spontaneity, though I claim to do it often, just sometimes doesn’t fit into my mental  expectations.  I like sitting and talking and learning and existing with people I know, people I’m comfortable with, people who have the same mindset as me.  But ever since I’ve been at university, everyday I’m being flung into the the unknown, the uncertain, and the new.

I have known some of my friends since kindergarten, and after years upon years of seeing them every day, friendship was inevitable.  Now, though I still have some of those friends, some have almost seemed to fade into the background (which, to be fair, has kinda been happening since the start of senior year in high school).

But my friend and I were just talking a bit ago about how these past weeks (for her, the past 3 years, since she’s a senior in college now) has basically forced us to leap out of our comfort zones and make friends with people.  We had both seemed to be suffering from “comfort zone” syndrome, which basically means that we’ve made friends from our environment and haven’t had to go out and seek new ones for a long time… It’s like me, who’s been in a relationship for so long that you’ve forgotten how to “date”, and meeting someone new is basically redefining yourself and explaining your entire being to someone who knows nothing about you.

It’s pretty cool. …But also super awkward sometimes, because you realize that what’s normal to you is totally not for other people… especially if you come from different places….

I don’t even know where this post is going….

But just….know that it’s felt so good to build new connections again, and that learning new things about new people has felt so refreshing, that the world is so much bigger than your little bubble that you think is only yours, and that the more you practice making new bonds, the easier it becomes (:


2 thoughts on “Re-Orientation

  1. I know how you feel, and I relate to this so much. For a while, I just couldn't seem to find my little 'group', you know? I couldn't find people that I fit in with, and so I sort of just floated around in limbo, waiting for someone cool and awesome to find me and want to be my friend.

    Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that. I soon realised that I'd not only have to step out of my comfort zone; I'd have to completely obliterate it. And so I got out, told myself to suck it up and sat at a completely different table one day.

    And now, every single person who was sitting at that table on that day are my best friends. I wouldn't change that for the world.

    (Sorry. I sort of just went off on one there, but I really felt like I could connect to this post. Apologies…)


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