Life As of Lately: Whirlwind of Week 2

Hi, guys.

It feels good to sit here again… even though it means I’m not reading a textbook that I should be reading (shhhhhhhhhhhh).

Anyways. I just want to update this kind of post because there are so many things that don’t fit into the categories I’d had set up before.

Let me unfold this week for you.

[Reading] Art History (Volume 2) by Marilyn Stokstad and Michael W. Cothren. The beginning part was interesting, because it was about art. Now I’m moving into the history part and it’s not the most fun in the world…
[Writing] Articles! I feel like I’m not posting here often because I’m posting elsewhere, and it feels like a job. That being said, it kinda is, because I’m supposed to write content and have people like and share it (which makes me feel a bit awkward because I hate spamming people’s feeds and I don’t want to tell them “hey look what I wrote go share it and like it so I can get paid!” It’s just not me… So I just write content, share it on FB and Twitter and hope people stumble upon it. I prefer to work behind the scenes. But if you wanna check out some past WIP’s, here’s some places to hit up:
[Learning] About human psychological development, effective public speaking, art history, and physics and chem. Unlike in high school, I like learning about this stuff, and homework is somewhat enjoyable (: 
[Doing] Homework >.< Lots of it. And cleaning. I'm one of those people who stress-cleans.
[Eating] Triple berry salads!! I discovered these in a dining hall like, a week ago and I was so happy. Ingredients include:
-spinach leaves
-balsamic vinaigrette
-almond slivers
It sounds so weird but the flavors all together are FANTABULOUS. 10/10 would recommend. 
ALSO I ate at a place downtown today called Billy Jack’s. It was a hip little wooden bar place and they had these things called “sticky nugs”, chicken nuggest made of *gasp* real chicken, and covered in this sweet chili sauce… It looked like general Tso’s chicken, but wasn’t crunchy. All I know is that it was super tasty.  
[Drinking] Milk. I’m not kidding. I literally drink it with every meal here. I had too much coffee tonight though, that’s why I’m frigging awake writing this post -_____-
[Seeing] Downtown! And sunsets! And a praying mantis! 

[Laughing] at the people above us who think it’s fun to bang around loudly at 2am every night and then call us witches when we try to ask them politely to keep it on the bed and off the floor…. 
But I’m also laughing at the dry humour of my art history professor, who slides in casual nonsense to see if we’re paying attention. And I love it. 
[Thinking] about all I have to do. About this weekend visiting J. About myself and who I am and what I hope to get out of this uni experience.

[Hoping] that I can get my work schedules together soon… I’ve submitted all my paper work, I’m just waiting on the bench saying “put me in coach!!” Not like I’m eager to start working again… I just hate seeing moths fly out of my bank account. 

[Loving] my suite mates. Not gonna lie, I have no idea how my roomie and I got so lucky to have them. They’re just as quirky as we are, and we all understand each other. They’re literally other halves of my heart and I appreciate them so much.
[Praying] that it gets cooler soon. It was 92 degrees today near 5pm which is not allowed. Also praying that I can make it to our youth church service on campus this coming Sunday. I met an awesome group of new people that I’m so happy with, and it’s amazing that I get to see them every week via church gatherings.
How are y’all holding up?

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