The Wisteria Writer’s Tag!

Hey y’all!!

This is exciting because I have been taaaaagggged! Many thanks to Sunset at The Sunset Sky Blog for the nomination!! As for the tag, here are the


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the ten questions
  • Write ten questions of your own
  • Nominate other people for the tag!
*Just a heads up, I don’t really write fiction on a regular basis, but I’ll answer these questions based on what I have written in the past and if I were to write stories!

1) What one thing do you struggle to write the most? (Romance scenes, battles etc….)  
 I remember writing a piece in middle school about an undercover spy, and I remember having a ton of trouble with the sneaking past the laserbeams/fighting her assailants… so I’d say battles. However, I love reading romance scenes. Hopeless romantic right here, folks.

2) Favourite character(s) from your current WIP? 
Ahhhhh I don’t have a WIP :/ But I did just write a new article :B

3) Why exactly did you begin writing?
Stories? Because I was inspired by other writers and loved the fact that books and stories could just take you so many places.
This blog? Because I wanted a place to rant and do me and share things I think are interesting (:

4) AHHH! The library is on fire and there is (conveniently) only enough time to save three books. Which ones do you save and why?
What a shame, the idea of burning books hurts my soul so much.
But hmm…Probably
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (because it’s an interesting look at science, dystopia, and alien culture and can be applicable to how we treat others today)
Uglies by Scott Westerfield (dystopian society books FTW)
“Much Ado About Nothing” by Shakespeare (gotta have the classics and hysterical comedy at that)
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (because we have to have a mushy gushy book too).
The Help by Kathryn Stockett (historical must read.)

Yes, I know that’s more than 3 books but let’s be real I’m gonna be racing around that flaming library in tears hoping to save all I can, and 3 books is a wimpy amount to escape with (;

5) If you are currently working on a WIP, give a brief synopsis of it below.
Well, this is awkward :/

6) Which time period do you prefer to write about? 
I’ve always been fascinated with the futuristic vibe, so probably the future.

7) First, second or third person narrative?
Call me narcissistic, but first person. It’s just an immediate path into the character’s head and I love it.

8) What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever received? 
Ooh good question. Probably the best piece of advice I’ve received is that you’re never done editing.  There’s always something to look over, something to fix, to elaborate… and something to discover. Taking a step back and re-reading at a later time will open many new doors and perspectives that you can jump off of. Whether it’s fiction or just a blog post, the knowledge that your writing can always evolve is a cool concept.

9) Is diversity an important thing in books for you? Why? How diverse is your own writing?
It is, yes.  It’s a breath of fresh air when I can read different styles, different characters, different syntax.  It just expands my view of the literary world and makes me realize that honestly any kind of writing is possible. My writing, when I do it, I feel is somewhat diverse.  I try to mix it up with personal stories and poetry and rants… In the past, I have shaped characters in the past based on my aspirations and talents I wish I had.

10) What genre do you prefer to write about? When I can, dystopia. Something about constructing disaster rooted in reality is hellishly fun (:<

And now my questions!

1. Do you have a favorite character you can relate to on almost every level?
2. How do you overcome writer’s block?
3. What is your favorite aspect of the writing process?
4. Whatcha workin’ on?
5. Ideal writing conditions (a room, a place, music in the background…)?
6. Where do you get your inspiration?
7. If you could meet any author from the past, who would it be?
8. Pen/pencil or computer screen for drafts?
9. Favorite symbols/similes/metaphors to use?
10. What’s something you’d like to improve in your writing? (This can be anything from skills to work ethic!)

And now for the tagging!

Happy writing and tagging!


4 thoughts on “The Wisteria Writer’s Tag!

  1. That editing advice is just spot on– I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to editing… that also may explain why a lot of my pieces rarely ever get published. xD And the best way to save three books? Get a book cart and wheel it around as fast as you can!

    xoxo Morning


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