Move in Day!! :,D

• 8:00 am •

I didn’t get to sleep last night until 2:00am. Bad decision, I know but god it was too hard to fall asleep. The excitement was overflowing. I finally slapped off my alarm and jumped out of bed at 6:30 am… The goal was to leave the house at 7:00am, but LOL that did not happen. But it’s okay. 
I’m blogging from ze app today 1) because I had to pack up my beloved Gertrude (my mini-tower-desktop computer) and 2) cuz I’m on the road TO MY FUTURE. 
…Welllllll that was a bit intense. But it’s true! My life honestly changes today and there are so many feelings swirling around my head and heart right now it’s insane, and the caffeine from my tepid coffee is probably gonna make my heart pound through my chest.  I’m an hour and a half or so away from campus and I’m so excited. This post will mainly consist of random live updates and reports of parental sobbing, so if mushy gushy sentimental things aren’t your thing…. Haha I’m sorry. 
But honestly it really hit me that I’d be away from home for a long time when my mother walked in my almost empty room, and just looked around, reminiscing aloud of the days a crib and a rocking chair once commandeered the room. 

I said goodbye to some of my siblings (my littlest sister and youngest brother came with my parents and me), and proceeded on my journey forward. 

• 2:00 am •
All I can say is wow. 
I got to campus around 10:30am, and unloaded relatively quickly into my dorm room. Everyone was so excited and cheerful and friendly (what I love about my college).  I hugged my roomie immediately upon entering, and my parents got along swimmingly with her parents. Emotions were at an all time high, and I think my mom tried so hard not to lose it completely.
We spent time unpacking and organizing, and then took a break to go pay a chunk of my tuition (ahhh I still need to pay the rest!) and then say goodbye. I almost broke down completely when I hugged everyone goodbye… but my mother’s last words were “we’re so proud. You’re going to have a blast. Enjoy every minute”, so I was determined not to feel too sad for too long.

I hurried to eat because I wanted to get back to my room and my roommate and finish decorating the room. After that period of time, we made our way down to the convocation center where the best male acapella group on campus, president, and vice president of the college gave us a warm, inspiring welcome. He told us to dream big, and pursue everything we were passionate about. And I couldn’t be more thankful to be sitting in that seat, literally acknowledging the fact that I get to spend four years of my life here on this beautiful campus and call it home.

So this was taking before I left my parents… it’s come a long way decor-wise (we’ve got our xmas lights up now!)
 but that’s the basic setup (:

After that, we met up for some lunch and then proceeded to do some icebreakers with the residents in our hall. We sat in a circle on the grass as a building section and went over dorm life and regulations and asked questions about everything. Our FrOGs, first year orientation guides, warned against smoking in the room and power strips with USB ports embedded in them (dammit, that one was expensive ):  )

But the real event of the night came after community time with our hallmates, when practically the entire freshman class of 2020 met on the football field for mass team-building and icebreakers, and ultimately, the most hardcore rock paper scissors championship ever. Imagine. ~5,000 some odd people all facing off in “best two out of three” rock paper scissors matches, with only 1 victor allowed. It was insane. And I met so many new people.

When that was over, my roomie and I opted for some late night dining option that included a hefty two scoops of Edy’s ice cream in a waffle cone (MMMMMMM SO DELICIOUS).

It was then all I could do to trudge back to the dorm and sit down and write and start this post before I passed out around 2:30 am (yes, I’m finishing this post with hindsight goggles on).

All this on 4 hours of sleep.

But oh. My gosh. Was it worth it.
Much love always,

One thought on “Move in Day!! :,D

  1. OH NOOO. THE BLOGGING APP!!! Dude. Life is going fast huh! I always feel like it is when I write these kind of posts. Ice cream with your roomie sounds good. Four hours to sleep. Welcome to college ahahaa


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