Day 3: Magic. Kingdom.

AHHHH my butt hurts.

And I don’t even know why… Is it possible for your butt to hurt after walking all day? 
We woke up early this morning to eat leftover Cowfish and slather ourselves with sunscreen before we headed down to Magic Kingdom. 
The shuttle bus was located relatively close, so getting down to the park was super easy and convenient. I’ll hand that to the Disney resorts… They literally do everything in their power to limit your walking before getting into the actual park. 
And once you get there… Besides it being hot and sweat-inducing…. It really just overwhelms. Every where you look there’s something interesting to examine… The park designers made everything aesthetically pleasing, and the “cast members”, as they call their employees, are all dressed in whatever theme happens to surround them. 
It’s almost impossible to do everything in a day– there’s too much to do. So J and I tried to hit up spots that I didn’t have a chance to do last time I was here on spring break. But it never gets old. It’s so well done and clean, and you honestly just feel like you’re living your childhood again (especially when they play the themes from all the Disney movies throughout the park). 
It’s too magical for words– have some pictures!
This is where we ate lunch with Pooh and Piglet and friends!
Ducks. Ducks everywhere.

SEBASTIAN! Inside the Ariel ride
Exotic birds. Exotic birds everywhere. *insert buzz lightyear meme*

(Apologies– my phone died halfway through the day so I couldn’t get all the magic on film :/ )

We finished off the day with an all-American dining experience along the Main Street USA part, and then ended the night with a visit to the main pool at our resort, where they were playing the movie Frozen poolside. 
And now
I’m going to pass out from excessive butt pain. 

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