The Whirlwinds of Change

Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. But I’m gonna try to make it a weekly feature now, seeing as the summer blogging challenge will be ending soon (😥). 
Shall we?
-I finally applied/got approved for/received a credit card. I know it’s like a simple thing, but it’s a big step, considering I don’t have to have all of my funds and purchases under my parents anymore. It just makes me feel a step closer to being independent. However I have to cut myself off from online purchases, seeing as I’ve spent a little too much this month already 😅
– I attended college orientation! One day, 4 hours of driving, a million degrees out, but an awesome time and I can’t wait to call the university home. 
-J came home from Hawaii! That’s part of the reason I’ve been off the grid recently– I greeted him at home at 7:00am with a lei and lots of hugs. I then spent the night with him (!!!!) at his mother’s new house (which was absolutely gorgeous and I didn’t want to leave) and witnessed all of the drama and celebration of her birthday weekend.
-I have started packing for college! Yup, all the stuff I know for sure I want to take is being put into a huge box. Move in is late August, and I’m still not sure how I got here. 
-I’m going to Disney for (can you believe it?!?) the second time this year, and I leave June 30th with J and his family 😭😁
-VBS is starting up again, and I get to spend a week with little kidlins as what people have started to coin as “Jesus camp”. Excited to see their cute little faces and endless energy. 
-I’ve been working hard to run every day for the past four weeks, in hopes of becoming more fit and to feel better physically and mentally. I’ve been trying to do 3ish miles each time I go, and it clears the mind and gives me an opportunity to quietly binge on Panic! At the Disco (haha). 
What’s new in your worlds? 

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