On Summer {Thus Far}

Wow this summer has definitely flown by at record speed. Come August 24th I’ll be packed up and shipped south, where I’ll set up reside with my lovely room mate and begin a new chapter in university life. It’s so exciting looking forward, but I also wanna take some time to reflect on some of the things hat have made this summer so awesome. 

-I started a running regimen! Not only do I not hate running anymore, I’ve also been able to build up strength and endurance in daily training so that I can run a good two miles without being just flat out out of breath. 
-I reconnected with this blog! It’s been so hard lately, to keep up with this space with school happening, but I’m so glad I took on this challenge (even if I had to schedule a couple posts 😉) because it helped me get bad in the groove and put me back where I want to be in the blogosphere. 
-I got a credit card of my own! (Squeeee I just made another Amazon purchase today though…😁 oops…)
-I went to the beach for what seems the longest two weeks of my life, and realistically, the last time for a while. 
-I did so. Much. Shopping. And bargain hunting. 😣 ouch, my poor paycheck….
-…and speaking of paycheck, I quit my job! (I know that doesn’t really sound all that great, but I had been getting fed up with where and who I worked with… So it’s nice to have a break. )
-I biked everywhere. 
-I went bowling with coworkers!
-I spent time catching up with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, and current friends that I’ll miss so much when they leave for their respective college journeys next year. 
-I ate ice cream. Lots of it. XD 
-I went on a soft-core road trip with friends to speak the language that I love all the way down in Lexington, VA. 
-I attended orientation!! What an awesome peek into my life for the coming months. 
-I got brutally burned to a lobster shade of red by the sun.  
-I’m about to vacation in FL with J! We’ve never been on an extensive trip together like this before so in super pumped (: 
-I read so many worthwhile books this  summer! (Including but not limited to: Paper Towns, Horns, The Sirens of Titan, & Whistling Past the Graveyard)
-I had a kick-ass grad party featuring the best closest friends, Chipotle, and an awesome game called Quiplash. 
-I went fishing down at my grandmothers house and caught my first huge fish (I didn’t clean it though, I’m too squeamish for that). 
-I have cleaned my room multiple times and I’ve started packing for college! 
-I finished the 2016 summer blogging challenge!!!
What have you guys done this summer? And how do you plan on finishing it strong? 😉

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