On the Contents of My Backpack

I know there are those people who do the “what’s in my purse” posts, and I’m excited for this slightly bigger version.

So here’s a peek of the stuff that I’m always sure to pack on my back whenever I need to go somewhere (that warrants me taking a whole backpack XD)
  • Pens. Because you never know when you’re gonna have to take notes, sign a contract, or stab something.
  • Notebook. For those ideas that come to mind, journal entries, doodles, and for recording other useful info.
  • Wallet. Because I’d be practically lost without cash, ID, credit card, coupons, membership cards, and whatever change I can fit in there. 
  • Hair/Face accessories. Includes but isn’t limited to bobby pins (stupid flyaways/last minute hair dos), safety pins (fashion malfunctions!), comb, hairties, floss, and sunglasses.  
  • Makeup Bag. With all the goodies inside.  

  • Gum/Emory Board. For those deadly hangnails and dates with lots of garlic in the food.  
  • Lotion/Sanitizer/Lip Balm. Moisturize and sanitize. Nuff said.
  • Phone. An every day staple. 
  • Cube/Charging cable. For when you’re on your last legs of battery.
  • Personal care items. For when BO and/or Mother Nature hits you with a surprise.  

NOT PICTURED (either because I forgot/couldn’t find it currently):
  • Water bottle (!!!!!)
  • clothes (depends)
  • camera (though often I use a phone.. but when I can afford a new one…!!!)
  • external battery pack
  • keys
  • fooooooooooood (because duh)
  • mini roll of duct tape

*feels like a commercial line* What’s in your backpack?

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