On Singing

Like music, a gift. 
I sit, as I write this, in a cozy downtown seafood place at a gig of a friend’s brother, who is making his living touring America as a musician. And as I appreciate his vocal runs and swift guitar strums, I think back to my initial love for singing and what a wonderful impact it has had on my life. 
My mother recounts that my singing days started young, in preschool concerts and later in elementary school, where I learned to get over my stage fright during a patriotic show with the 1st grade class. 
Since then, it’s just been a given– in my day to day life, class schedules… Years of being involved in choir programs, All-County/District choirs, and Choral-fests have opened up my mind and heart to more music and people than I ever could have imagined, all while instilling in me the importance of a huge group of people’s hearts beating together as one collective dedicated effort in the creation of art. 
And though the days of school concerts have come to an end, I’ve never lost my appreciation for the art, nor have I lost my desire to do it every day… In the car, in the shower, with friends, in a band at my church, and on my own.  And it’s awesome because you can carry your complimentary instrument with you wherever you go. (I’ll definitely be packing it along with my other college things.) 
I’m excited to pursue acappella in college, as well as attend all the musical theatre productions I can, and of course, keep music in my daily life.  

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