On Music

What a wonderful gift.

I don’t know where my life would be without it.  I feel like I am the type of person who would go insane if music did not exist.

Whether I am appreciating the music of others or making some on my own… It’s always a form of remedy and hope and good vibes. And that sounds cheesy, but honestly… Whenever I feel off…if I’m able to find the right tune, my mood can change in a matter of minutes. I absolutely love the fact that music can match your heartbeat (or even elevate it), make you want to move, bring you to tears (sad, happy, angry), perfectly describe your feelings, and distract from hard situations.

Lately I’ve been reconnecting with my past self, binging on Panic! At The Disco music (also cuz they’re touring with Weezer!) during my various workout regimens, in addition to practicing instruments I haven’t touched in months. It’s so very valuable to just drop all outside thoughts, focus on notes and rhythms on a page, and create, with as much or as little passion and effort needed. 
The cool thing is that music is a constant. It’s always been there for me– pulling up memories and people and relationships and scents that sometimes I feel I’ve forgotten or buried, and pulls them out for a good 2-4 minutes, allowing me to reminisce. Songs I’ve fallen hard for will rarely be skipped, and the songs I’ve outgrown pass by on my playlist, but not after I’ve listened to the first 4 seconds and given a nod to my past taste and prior self. 
I have an endless lists of artists that I appreciate, and if you want a taste of them feel free to head over to the Musicbox, to get a feel for the jams that I have cherished and will cherish every time I press play on Spotify, YouTubr, or my personal song library. 
What do you guys like most about music? Are there any songs that you’ve completely forgotten about that come to surface sometimes and make you smile?

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