On Road Trips

Speaking of road trips….

I’m going on a mini one tomorrow for college orientation 😁 it’s three hours or so away, and I’ll be up and going at 4:30 in the morning to get there on time. 
But anyways. 
Road trips, when they don’t include screaming children and broken air conditioners, are amazing. As I mentioned in my travel post, sitting in a vehicle watching the scenery go by is probably one of my favorite things on this earth… I can make it a good two hours without doing anything else. 
And though I haven’t fully hard-core driven on a road trip myself yet, I’ve been with friends and there’s something so liberating about the open road. In this case, cliches get it right.  Just driving along, (in my experience, along the East Coast) with mountains towering in the distance or rock cliffs enclosing you from both sides, or rolling, foggy hills sprawled out before you is enough to make you question your existence, your significance in a world this big and beautiful. 
I read “Paper Towns” by John Green recently– no spoilers, but there is a road trip involved, and one day I want to try to road trip the same direction a second time (the first time I did it was on a charter bus with a bunch of classmates to NYC). It just all sounded so exciting. 
And as someone who always seems to love to be on the move, road trips are perfect. The stops are enough to fulfill human necessity, but the rest of it is just watching and feeling and marveling. 
Any fun road trip stories from you guys? 
UPDATE: here are some pics from my route to college orientation!

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