On Yellow

“…and they were all yellow-oooh”

I feel like yellow is such an underrated color. I mean, I love cool colors and all, and my favourite colour is green…
(*coughwhichismadewithblueandyellowcpugh*) but I honestly do have a special spot in my heart for this color for a number of reasons. 
1. It reminds me of the sun. I love the warmth and brightness of the sun (except for when I get burned by it), and yellow just seems so cheerful. 
2. It reminds me of my grandmother (who passed this past spring) on my dad’s side. Her favorite color was yellow, and it just matched her sunshine-y personality so well. Always a jokester, always brutally honest (a source of much of her innocent humor) always looking at the bright and humorous sides of the daily tough and rumble we call life. I miss her. 
3. Since it’s not the favorite color of many, (probably because it’s such a stick out color that screams “BOLDNESS BUMBLEBEES SUNFLOWERS AND SUNSHINE AND SOMETIMES MUSTARD”) to me yellow is kind of a quirky color. I braved a canary-yellow dress to prom for many reasons: it fit well, I loved the cinched pattern on the side… But most importantly, all of the people who’d ask “oooooh lemme see your dress!” And I whip out a photo of a bright yellow dress I can see their expressions fall just a bit, like “eghh, are you sure you didn’t want a subtler color?” And that was the thing. Anyone who knows me knows I am not subtle at ALL. And, as I have said in previous posts, I’ve spent so so SO much damn time thinking about what other people think that this year, I was like “I’m gonna wear a bold af bright yellow dress to prom. Because I CAN. ” Needless to say, my love for the color has increased immensely since then.
4. Sunflowers. ‘Nuff said. 
5. Actually, come to think of it, all of my favorite fruit is yellow (or yellow-ish): pineapple and mango!
What are _your_ opinions on this primary color? / Any other color you feel super connected to?

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