Moving Fail: An Update, and a Learning Lesson

So early today had I had big ambitions to move to WordPress, had all of my coding researched and whatnot….

But apparently, in order to get redirects from my blogger to my WordPress, I have to have a self-hosted blog page… which costs some $$ that I’m not really willing to spend right this moment.

Additionally, the work I had to do to basically reformat this website… was kind of stressful, and I began missing this quirky little orange platform anyways.  Maybe one day I’ll get a custom URL here, but I think I really do like this space and don’t want to move elsewhere.

Biggest takeaways for (well, attempts to) moving your blog and what to think about:

-Make sure you know what you’re doing coding wise
-Be prepared to pay for a custom domain
-Download a code editor.

So. That being said, I ain’t going anywhere.




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