On Water

So a little bird told me recently that water is Jackie Chan’s favorite drink.

Here’s the thing– I have such a love hate relationship with water. 
Well, it’s more like a 90% love, 10% hate relationship. But truth of the matter is, it makes the world go round and I’m just gonna rant about it for a bit. 
90% of me loves water because:
-I can swim in it, and I love swimming. 
-the ocean. ‘Nuff said. 
-it keeps my bodily functions under control
-helps with headaches
-keeps me alive (so I can blog!) (…yup I have my priorities straight)
-keeps me clean 
-quenches my utmost thirst (the thirst unrelated to lust, anyways)
10% of me doesn’t like water because:
-it’s too cold to jump into sometimes 
-…or too hot
-houses mosquito larvae :/ 
-it can taste odd depending on how far out in the country you are 
-(this is more towards humankind than water itself) it’s so limited and we squander it
-I don’t drink enough of it sometimes 
That’s just a brief debriefing, if you will, of my H2O addiction. And, random fact, where I live has one of the best water purifying systems in the country… So I’m just gonna be super thankful right now for clean water because it is taken for granted so much. 
However there are so many other things that come to mind when I think of water… 
It’s fluidity, serenity, resilience… Ability to make people squeal, knock people down, all-out destroy… A little bit like Humankind, eh?

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