On Home

This is an awesome prompt, especially since I just got home from two weeks at the beach 2 days ago (we got in at FRIGGING 4:00am *angryface* and I had to wake up early to go to Lexington the next day to revisit my Deutsch Akademie days :D)
But anyways. 
They always say that home is where the heart is, and I honestly could not agree with that more. Sure, there are strong feelings of fondness for my colonial style home on a cul de sac, as it’s where I spent all of my growing up…
But I felt at home at the German Academy, I felt at home visiting James Madison, and I definitely feel at home when I’m with certain people. And you don’t know how much you miss those “homes” until you are away from them for  too long. 
So I would say that home to me is where I feel at ease, where I can be myself, where I can feel safe and cared for. 
However, later this August, I’ll be trading my childhood home for a much smaller (but also all-around bigger) one. It will most definitely feel off at first… But I’m relying on my lust for travel and trying new things to make my transition as smooth as possible. 
Where do you guys consider home? 

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